Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Art & Science of Making the “Right” Hires

When looking to fill a position, you want to find the best person to add to your team.   While you might find many candidates who can meet your “technical” checklist, how can you tell if you have found the right person for the job?  Here are a few things that we feel are essential when choosing your next hire.

• Check for common core values.  This is critical since a person’s values don’t change over time.  Does the candidate have values that match yours, and those of the company?  Or did you pick up on some red flags?  If so, don’t disregard them!   Listen to your gut instinct as to whether or not this is someone you want to work with.  Is this the kind of person you would like to sit next to on a long flight?  Ask lots of questions – a good fit is essential, and you can’t just tell from a good resume.

• Look for intellectual sharpness – someone who can approach problems in a unique way and surprise you with original ideas.  This quality is not so common, but you’ll know it when you see it.

• Look for true motivation to join your company and do the work – it’s shouldn’t be all about money.  Your candidate should be excited about your company and what you are doing.

  Don’t hire yourself over and over again!  Look for people who can provide you with a variety of perspectives and ideas.

  Involve your team in the process.  You don’t need to hire by consensus, in fact that can become a tiresome and complicated process.  But it’s definitely helpful to have your team give their feedback on a candidate.  (In fact, you can often get the most honest feedback from team members who are not directly responsible for filling the position).

  Be thorough!  Check for a good “fit” through references and your interview process.  It takes time and effort to go beyond the superficial, but you won’t regret taking the time to make the “right” hire.

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