Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Shall I compare thee...

After reading yet another article where a job search is compared to dating, I got curious to find out what other metaphors are being used for this process. Here are the results of my brief research:

While the dating comparison is, indeed, very common, approaching job search like a marketing campaign is popular, too.

How about looking at the process from the employer’s side? Turns out, the dating metaphor works on this side, too.

What else?
I have found posts comparing hiring process to:
- House buying - on both sides
- Car buying
- Shopping for groceries
- Shopping for shoes

So where does this leave me, a recruiter?
I can see my role as similar to that of a matchmaker or a real estate agent, but a salesmen? Not so much.

What does a job search/hiring process reminds you of?