Friday, January 17, 2014

5 Steps to Prep for Your Interview

Are you looking for a new and exciting position?   

Do you have an interview lined up?   

Here are a few steps you can take before your interview to get you started on the right track:


First, and MOST importantly, walk into that interview with the right mindset.  Being prepared and confident will help.  If you are comfortable, relaxed, and imaginative people will enjoy talking with you – and they will be more likely to want to meet with you again!


Making time to research the company is essential, especially since you want to be able to explain what excites you about their products and why you are interested in working there.  Prepare some interesting questions to ask the people you will be meeting (and make sure to have different ones if you will be meeting with both hiring managers and engineers).

Researching their team can also pay off.  If you can find “soft data” on the people you are meeting (from LinkedIn or Facebook or the company website), you may find some mutual interests and find a way to click with the team.


Go over your resume carefully (before every interview) and make sure that you can tell a compelling and interesting story about every single bullet point.  Also, make sure that you can discuss a clear example of how you used EVERY SINGLE technology or tool that you have mentioned in your resume.  Try to make an illustration or diagram to go with your stories – if you can illustrate your accomplishments you can impress your interviewers.  This may take quite a bit of your time initially, but since you can re-use these diagrams for other interviews, it’s time well spent.


How should you dress for your interview?  Since different companies have different “clothes cultures” it isn’t easy to know what to wear.  It’s perfectly fine to ask your recruiter (or the HR manager) what is common at the company.  In fact, people may appreciate the question since it shows that you are interested in their company and want to be prepared. 

Be comfortable with your look, and take extra time for grooming on the day of your interview.  When choosing your clothes, think about whether you will be comfortable eating and drinking in them.  Layer items in case you end up in a chilly office or a very warm one.  And wear layers that are easy to remove if it is too warm – a pullover sweater may not be a good idea in this case.


We suggest that you eat beforehand, even if you expect to be offered lunch.  This way you wont get low blood sugar if the meal is delayed.  Also, you might want to talk more than dine… so order something easy to eat.  And remember: this lunch is still a part of your interview, so keep your focus on the job and not the food!

In case you are asked out for “happy hour,” tread carefully.  Watch the culture of the team, don’t drink much, and make sure to keep your wits about you!